The short-term objectives of our program are to:

* Decrease illicit drug use and the criminality associated with it.

* Decrease the mortality rate amongst substance abusers.

* Decrease HIV and hepatitis C infections associated with IV drug use.

* Give the client time to step out of their current lifestyle

The long-term objectives of our program are to encourage individuals to:

* Pursue employment and/or educational opportunities.

* Re-affilate with non-drug users and family members

* Achieve abstinence from all substances.

* Increase their ability to make healthy choices and improve self worth.


Our philosophy is one of harm reduction. This has been defined as “a practical public health approach to minimize the harmful consequences of drug abuse to the individual, the family and society.”

We believe that effective treatment from drug addiction involves a multi-disciplinary approach which addresses medical, social, family and psychological concerns.

When combined with counselling and support, Methadone and Suboxone maintenance functions as a stabilizing agent in the lives of clients, thus allowing them to address the unresolved issues that initially led them to drug abuse.