Methadone is a synthetic opiate analgesic similar in potency to morphine. It has been used for the treatment of heroin addiction for several years. If used as prescribed, it has shown to improve the lives of people addicted to opiate. Compliance with the methadone maintenance program guidelines may result in no heroin use. The use of drugs or alcohol with methadone can result in serious side effects or interfere with the effects of methadone. The goal of treatment in this program is to be free from all substances other than prescription medication or methadone.

The rationale behind methadone maintenance is:

* It eliminates withdrawal symptoms.

* It reduces/ eliminates the craving for narcotics.

* It provides a pharmacological blockade/cross-tolerance against heroin and other opiates.

* An adequate dose lasts for 24-36 hours without causing euphoria, sedation, or drowsiness.

* It is medically safe with minimal side effects and is taken orally once a day, thereby eliminating the need for IV injection.

• It allows patients to function normally and perform mental and physical tasks without impairment.

• Withdrawal can be done slowly on a controlled basis, minimizing patient discomfort.

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